ZAZEN practice at SEISHOJI 青松寺

SEISHOJI welcomes lay practitioners of ZAZEN.

Restarting the Monthly Zazen Session from October under limited conditions

From October, we will restart the Monthly Zazen session which has been stopped because of Covid-19 since last February under modified conditions; only for experienced practitioners, sitting at the Main Hall and twice a month. You need to make reservation in advance via internet.
The participants limit up to 16 persons for each. In the case the applicants would be over the fixed number, we accept the reservations in the order of application. When you cannot make reservation on 21th October because of reaching the fixed number, we can arrange substitute session of next time (4th November). If you cannot come on the substitute day, please mention it on the space “Comments” on the application form.


18:00 Open
18:20 Start Zazen
19:00 Stop Zazen (* We do not have Dharma Talk after Zazen)

[Fixed Number]

16 persons (for only people who has experiences Zazen practice at Seishoji more than twice)


Make reservation by using the linked application form as below. (closing date is on 18th Oct)

Please cooperate to write down your “Name” ”Email” ”Address” ”Phone number” as a measure preventing from spread of Covid-19.


- We accept the application until 18th Oct. In the case, it would have been reached to fixed number, we annonce it on this page.
- The person who has high fever and feeling sick cannot join the Zazen session on that day. (In the case you need to cancel please tell us by email “shishikutsu@gmail.com” or phone “03-3431-3733”)
- Required to wear face mask while you stay.
- At the reception you are required to have thermometry and disinfection and write down your contact. (In the case your temperature is over 37℃, unfortunately you cannot join Zazen Session)
-Number of persons who can enter a locker room at the same time is limited up to 3 persons.
-After your preparation will be finished, you can proceed to the Main hall and start to sit Zazen.
- At the Main hall you sit on the prepared Zafu cushion which placed at intervals of 1 tatami mat. You sit facing to the wall side.
- In the case you cannot stop continuous cough, please stop Zazen and leave.
- When ending bell will sounded, you leave from the Main hall but please pay attention to avoid overcrowd. This time, we don’t have Dharma Talk, you can go back after finishing Zazen. Please pay attention to make the locker room be crowded and wait your turn to enter with keeping appropriate distance.

We hope we can have Zazen session as same as before, for the present, we try to hold it in this style so that we can afford safety measure against the Virus.
Regarding the application for next session, we can receive after all applicants will have participated the Zazen session. In case of the applicants number is much, you might have to wait until 2 or 3 session will be finished.
We will announce the situation on this page.
Thank you for your comprehension. Gassho

Seishoji Shishikurin Samgha

Phone for inquiry:

※Please call between 9am and 4pm except on Monday and Friday.
(In case you cannot get through because we are occupied with cleaning or othother activities , please call again later or in another day.)


None: no money is solicited


Please wear not skirts but loose and comfortable pants longer than knee length for crossing legs. Before zazen, you need to take off your socks, watch and jewelry. You can change at the locker room. Please refrain from the use of bright color clothes or perfume etc.


When you arrive at Seishoji, please come to the reception in the left-side building.


SEISHOJI: 2-4-7, Atago, Minato-ku, Tokyo
・On the Metro Hibiya-Line, 8 minutes' walk from the Exit 3 of “Kamiya-cho” station (H05).
・On the Metro Toei Mita-Line, 5 minutes' walk from the Exit A5 of “ Onarimon” station (I06).