ZAZEN practice at SEISHOJI 青松寺

SEISHOJI welcomes lay practitioners of ZAZEN.
You may contact our staff to arrange your visit.

We are not available for Zazen session from 16th March to 25th March.


Japanese, English


Orientation at any level is offered by resident monks.


Anyone is welcome.


Flexible while the temple is open (9:00-17:00). It depends on temple's affair; please contact staff


SEISHOJI: 2-4-7, Atago, Minato-ku, Tokyo




・On the Metro Hibiya-Line, 8 minutes' walk from the Exit 3 of “Kamiya-cho” station (H05).
・On the Metro Toei Mita-Line, 5 minutes' walk from the Exit A5 of “ Onarimon” station (I06).


Please wear not skirts but loose and comfortable pants longer than knee length for crossing legs. Before zazen, you need to take off your socks, watch and jewelry. You can change at the locker room. Please refrain from the use of bright color clothes or perfume etc.


None: no money is solicited

Sitting ZAZEN:

Sitting is usually on a round cushion(ZAFU). There are also a limited number of chairs available.
How you sit and for how long will depend upon your own aspiration and physical condition. However regular practitioners usually sit for 40 min periods and new-comers around 20 mins.
ZAZEN requires close attention to posture. The breath tends to deepen and slow down. Correct posture and breath, in turn, enable the mind to settle.
We become aware of how our thoughts and emotions can bind us. Getting to know ourselves we can loosen up.
In zen master DOGEN's teachings he writes that we need not busy ourselves searching a far, come home, he proclaims; “where your treasure-store will open of itself, and you can use it at will.”