ZAZEN practice at SEISHOJI 青松寺

SEISHOJI welcomes lay practitioners of ZAZEN.

We are stopping to have any Zazen session currently
in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Seishoji belongs to Soto Zen school, which Master Dogen founded. Our instruction of Zazen practice is based on the Soto Zen tradition.
We can have Zazen session when the priest in charge is convenient for time while the temple is open (9:00-17:00). You need to make a reservation by phone in advance. (We cannot accept a request on that day, also offer by a group.)
We can give an instruction for beginners in Japanese or English. It takes about 1h30 for Zazen session including the instruction.
Please contact us about from 1 week to one day before the day which you prefer to come(We cannot estimate our schedule if it is too early). For travelers to Japan, it is better to make reservation by phone after you will arrive at Japan. When we cannot have zazen session during a long period because of temple’s events etc, we announce the period on this page.

Phone for reservation and inquiry:

※Please call between 9am and 4pm except on Monday.
(In case you cannot get through because we are occupied with cleaning or othother activities , please call again later or in another day.)


None: no money is solicited


Please wear not skirts but loose and comfortable pants longer than knee length for crossing legs. Before zazen, you need to take off your socks, watch and jewelry. You can change at the locker room. Please refrain from the use of bright color clothes or perfume etc.


When you arrive at Seishoji, please come to the reception in the right-side building.


SEISHOJI: 2-4-7, Atago, Minato-ku, Tokyo
・On the Metro Hibiya-Line, 8 minutes' walk from the Exit 3 of “Kamiya-cho” station (H05).
・On the Metro Toei Mita-Line, 5 minutes' walk from the Exit A5 of “ Onarimon” station (I06).